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Genially allows users to create presentations, infographics, microsites, posters, and so much more without programming knowledge.
Hail and farewell to ]Pod, that whale of a pod with its genially satiric aura, vivifying Asian faces of both sexes and futuristic outlook.
He twinkles genially while two teams, captained by Marcus Brigstocke and Rufus Hound, debate the hot potatoes of the day - sometimes changing sides mid-sentence.
Kaufman genially explains that if his movie is a hit, "then people will be able to pronounce it and everyone will be able to know the word synecdoche--which is a good word to know.
The kindly old man twirled his moustache, smiled genially at my hot-headed friend and said discreetly, "Please, just keep this between the two of us.
Walker got to know the tacky tap numbers that Momma Rose devises for Baby June and the comic bumps and grinds that three genially vulgar strippers demonstrate for Louise when she worked on the 1974 revival with Lansbury.
Moreover, she was estranged from her opportunistic mother, Regina (Jean Smart), and genially clueless father, Howard (Kevin Dunn) -- when she tells her mom, "You made me who I am," Regina replies, agonized, "That is a terrible thing to say.
In this wide-ranging, clearly written, genially ecumenical survey, Jensen (Professor of the History of Christian Art at Vanderbilt Divinity School), tackles both the theory and practice of Christian art, from the 3rd century catacombs to the Iconoclast heresy to medieval cathedrals to Mathias Grunewald to Edwina Sandys's 1974 sculpture of a (naked) female crucified Christ.
First and most obvious, perhaps, was the assumption that someone of the perpetually off-handed, genially jesting upper classes would not be capable of "real" political expression (even if he is a prince).
These are reasonable requests, as Stursberg genially points out, but when he first raised the issue, some filmmakers thought he was asking them to walk on water.
The Voice is tough to describe, but you know it when you hear it: It's serious, carefully modulated, genially authoritative.