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While "Glee'' was often a more subversive show than it is given credit for, an hour of the genially bright cast singing songs such as "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me'' and "Sweet Transvestite'' pushed the show to its limits, creating an hour of TV that was more awkward than anything.
14) In this series, he played Harry Lime as a benign, cosmopolitan, genially roguish con man, doing good for (or at least not doing harm to) society generally.
Gurr describes Dion as "a leader of the common opinion; he is genially contemptuous of the City folk.
THE PEOPLE'S Climate March ambled genially down 6th Avenue in New York City on a Sunday afternoon in September.
Mortality's Muse is a rare book: thoroughly researched, genially delivered.
How genially this duo works together can make or break a company's success.
They hopped about genially, croaking occasionally, two seasoned and earnest diplomats for Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
In 1969, provoked by writings of the Minimalists featured in Studio International, I railed with youthful audacity in a letter to the editor, the genially brilliant Peter Townsend (1919-2006), against the 'up-tightness' of the emergent movement, and Dan Flavin for a too hearty self-presentation.
Those who don't like this arrangement can go elsewhere," he observed genially.
And while Bay, true to form, over-eggs his film with cinematic excess, this dumb-anddumber tale is genially engaging with a dash of brutality on the side.
Meanwhile, US film industry bible The Hollywood Reporter wrote that it was a "charming satire held together by Owen's delightful central performance", before lauding it as "90 minutes with one of the most genially loveable protagonists in recent memory".
As Kathleen Rooney alleges, Winfrey often did not facilitate book discussions as much as she dominated them, albeit genially, leading to the "imposition of various extraneous .