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(2,6,12,14) Immunostaining with these markers makes it challenging to distinguish IMTs from more commonly occurring smooth muscle and endometrial stromal tumors in the female genital tract. p53 overexpression is seen in up to 80% of cases of IMT; however, Ki-67 index is generally low.
The primary cells of chicken genital tract were cultured as follows.
Protozoan infections in the male genital tract. J Urol.
Preliminary examination of genital tract was done prior to introduction of transducer and then all reproductive organs i.e.
Holcomb, "Primary lymphoma of the female genital tract: an analysis of 697 cases," Gynecologic Oncology, vol.
In this case, we obtained data from the thin-layer MRI imaging technique (layer thickness of 1 mm) and processed it in the 3D software to mold the 3D reconstruction models for the patient's reproductive organs and genital tract malformations.
Predictive value of the clinical diagnosis of lower genital tract infection in women.
Here, we report a case of female genital tract enterobius infection diagnosed on tissue sample sent for histopathological examination at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
Yachnis, "Primary adenocarcinoma of the vagina with mucinous-enteric differentiation: a report of two cases with associated vaginal adenosis without history of diethylstilbestrol exposure," Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, vol.
Immunization with AdTC_0037 Results in Decreased Pathology in the Upper Genital Tract. One of the primary goals for an effective chlamydial vaccine is to reduce or prevent upper genital tract pathology following lower tract infection.
95% of TB of the female genital tract (FGT) is located in tissues other than the cervix.
'The presence of Zika virus in the genital tract of a female with Zika virus infection was first reported in July 2016, suggesting the potential risk of female to male transmission,' said the health organization.