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Moreover, MRI is superior to CT in evaluating female genital tract disorders, mainly because of its higher imaging resolution in soft tissues.
Tandan et al in his case report of pelvic inflammatory disease in a sexually non-active young teenager explained the possible mechanism of spread as ascent of pinworm larvae from the perineum into the female genital tract.
The most problematic aspect of the differential diagnosis of SSCC of the female genital tract is its differentiation from malignant Mullerian mixed tumour (MMMT).
In a 2008-2014 study of 1201 HIV-positive young people in the United States, conditions that arose most often were pregnancy, genital tract infections (especially HPV infection), pneumonia, and psychiatric disorders (especially mood disorders).
The results revealed that genital tract mycoplasmas were the most encountered micro-organisms Table 3.
Several studies were done in the previous years for the incidence and prevalence of various types of tumors in the female genital tract.
Association of bactericidal activity of genital tract secretions with Escherichia coli colonization in pregnancy.
Vulvar and vaginal cancers are rarer forms of genital tract malignancies.
Various PVI clinical symptoms were observed among the selected groups of women: abnormal discharge from the genital tract, putrid odor of the discharge, irritation, itching, burning of genitals, painful sexual intercourse, menstrual dysfunction, dizuria phenomenon, pulling pains in the abdomen.
Women on ART for extended periods of time are likely to have lower plasma viral loads but higher viral loads in genital tract secretions.
Trichomoniasis is an infection of the genital tract by the organism Trichomonas vaginalis.
Many cases are unexplained and others are due to the mother giving multiple births or genital tract infection, or high blood pressure of the mother.