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Since the Paris days Hayward had immersed himself in the modern French versifiers, and, such a plethora of poets is there in France, he had several new geniuses to tell Philip about.
What with all these ripotamuses and man eating geniuses that Mister Philander been telling about--Lord, it ain't no wonder we all get nervous prosecution.
He repeated over and over again to Nina Alexandrovna that he alone was to blame--no one else--but that he had acted out of "pure amiable curiosity," and that "the deceased," as he insisted upon calling the still living general, had been the greatest of geniuses.
Great geniuses of every kind live on unseen, intangible ideas; they act without themselves knowing why.
nobler than poets whom every one worships, just because they're geniuses and die young.
He wastes his time over his writing, trying to accomplish what geniuses and rare men with college educations sometimes accomplish.