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Micawber genteelly, and without addressing himself particularly to anyone,
And indeed all these gentlemen were so very persevering and energetic in this latter particular, and bestowed their favours so abundantly upon the carpet, that I take it for granted the Presidential housemaids have high wages, or, to speak more genteelly, an ample amount of 'compensation:' which is the American word for salary, in the case of all public servants.
Now it's particularly necessary to behave nicely and genteelly, that all may see that you are well-born children.
The Hasselbecks' new home just outside of Nashville in the genteelly monied Belle Meade community, sits on a verdant acre.
Men with long-knife-fingers and stripey jumpers make me roll my eyes and yawn, but somebody tapping me genteelly on the shoulder to get my attention makes me SKERRREAM, turn round and karate chop them in the throat.
She also took care to show the character's aristocratic side, through genteelly refined port de bras and perfectly placed pirouettes.
Their decision to take in lodgers, or "paying guests" as they genteelly refer to them, leads to an event as ultimately life-altering as the war itself.
The exchange was nothing if not courteous, betraying nary a whiff of tension between the genteelly sparring parties: Altuzarra and Karis Durmer, his chief executive, on one side; and on the other, team Target, led by Swartz, and Laura Keshel, who heads the retailer's marketing efforts.
By the end, you'll be sweatily pogo-ing to "Jump Around" by House Of Pain, crashing into genteelly boogying aunties and sending floral arrangements spinning into the ether.
134) As for the highwayman Henry Simms, whose reputation for being "very genteelly dress'd" earned him "the Title of Gentleman Harry," he was described by several commentators of having repeatedly "quarrelled with" a female fellow prisoner with whom he was sexually involved and of regularly "beat[ing] her very much.