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Father and Mother Meagles sat with their daughter between them, the last three on one side of the table: on the opposite side sat Mr Clennam; a tall French gentleman with raven hair and beard, of a swart and terrible, not to say genteelly diabolical aspect, but who had shown himself the mildest of men; and a handsome young Englishwoman, travelling quite alone, who had a proud observant face, and had either withdrawn herself from the rest or been avoided by the rest--nobody, herself excepted perhaps, could have quite decided which.
Stelling was a broad-chested, healthy man, with the bearing of a gentleman, a conviction that a growing boy required a sufficiency of beef, and a certain hearty kindness in him that made him like to see Tom looking well and enjoying his dinner; not a man of refined conscience, or with any deep sense of the infinite issues belonging to every-day duties, not quite competent to his high offices; but incompetent gentlemen must live, and without private fortune it is difficult to see how they could all live genteelly if they had nothing to do with education or government.
Now it's particularly necessary to behave nicely and genteelly, that all may see that you are well-born children.
Men with long-knife-fingers and stripey jumpers make me roll my eyes and yawn, but somebody tapping me genteelly on the shoulder to get my attention makes me SKERRREAM, turn round and karate chop them in the throat.
She also took care to show the character's aristocratic side, through genteelly refined port de bras and perfectly placed pirouettes.
The exchange was nothing if not courteous, betraying nary a whiff of tension between the genteelly sparring parties: Altuzarra and Karis Durmer, his chief executive, on one side; and on the other, team Target, led by Swartz, and Laura Keshel, who heads the retailer's marketing efforts.
By the end, you'll be sweatily pogo-ing to "Jump Around" by House Of Pain, crashing into genteelly boogying aunties and sending floral arrangements spinning into the ether.
134) As for the highwayman Henry Simms, whose reputation for being "very genteelly dress'd" earned him "the Title of Gentleman Harry," he was described by several commentators of having repeatedly "quarrelled with" a female fellow prisoner with whom he was sexually involved and of regularly "beat[ing] her very much.
Pretty boys are pretty in all circumstances, and this one would look as exquisitely delightful on the floor as when genteelly standing, in his [14] nice little velvet suit with his sweet back to the fireplace, but think of the horror and indignation of his proud and loving mother .
The Blaine House that had for years been the home of a self-assured liberalism and a genteelly moderate Republican party was suddenly invaded by the hairdressers, bartenders and shit-kickers of the Tea Party.
Maria enjoys the laundresses' crude humor and genteelly refers to their status as "common," indicating both their working class and their communal living, but also indicating that they are women who have been held in common among men as prostitutes without using the condemnatory language with which women like her friend Ginger Mooney are more often described.
A much lesser literary light, Flora Shaw, breezed through Dawson in search of political gold, using her genteelly scathing London Times reports as the James Roots lives in Kanata, Ontario.