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Now, Hepzibah had unconsciously flattered herself with the idea that there would be a gleam or halo, of some kind or other, about her person, which would insure an obeisance to her sterling gentility, or, at least, a tacit recognition of it.
Standing on that miserable eminence, she saw again her native village, in Old England, and her paternal home: a decayed house of grey stone, with a poverty-stricken aspect, but retaining a half obliterated shield of arms over the portal, in token of antique gentility.
To be sure Karachi has its defenders, many of them resident for generations, and they extol its virtues at every opportunity, usually citing a misty-eyed past that refers to a time when there were bikinis on French Beach, the power was on most of the time, crime was low and there was a kind of shabby gentility.
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ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday said Altaf Hussain in his speech on Sunday night crossed all limits of civility, politeness and gentility and used worst language against security and defence institutions.
House prices are much higher than neighbouring Keighley, a workaday town with fewer pretensions to gentility than Skipton, whose Cameron-crazy Conservative MP Julian Smith invites you to coffee but never gets round to setting a date.
1) Thanks to the valorization of this historic model of descent, the notions of heredity, blood, and tradition constitute inextricable components of Southern whiteness that become synonymous with hereditary gentility.
THERE was a time when holidaymakers came to Wales for one thing only - its beaches, whether that meant the panoramic splendour of the Gower, the family-friendly fun of Barry and Porthcawl, or the more Victorian gentility of the North Wales coast.
Gentility, after all, was the product of an elite culture, a way of distinguishing ladies and gentlemen from common people, and thus hardly suited to a republican society.
The film, Pride and Prejudice, is a humorous story of love and life among English gentility during the Georgian era.
They ignore the most basic standards of gentility and respect," Mr.
So, in his assessment of her, he recalls how, during his attendance upon Miss Havisham in his boyhood, he cherished aspirations for wealth and gentility in order to gain her (Estella) over (GE, 68-77 [Chapter 8], 90-101 [Chapter 11], and 121-122 [Chapter 15]):