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38) In contrast, Colonel Cody himself was "a splendid man, handsome & gentlemanlike in manner.
whether you be a foole or a Justice of peace, a Cuckold or a Capten, a Lord Maiors sonne or a dawcocke, a knaue or an vnder Shreife, of what stamp soeuer you be, currant or counterfet, the Stagelike time will bring you to most perfect light, and lay you open: neither are you to be hunted from thence though the Scar-crowes in the yard, hoot at you, hisse at you, spit at you, yea throw durt euen in your teeth: tis most Gentlemanlike patience to endure all this, and to laugh at the silly Animals; but if the Rabble with a full throat, crie away with the foole, you were worse then a mad-man to tarry by it: for the Gentleman and the foole should neuer sit on the Stage together.
Why, they say as how he went a sauntering into the old flag-ship once, switching his tail about devilish easy and gentlemanlike, and inquiring if the old governor was at home.
English sportsman > German Sportsmann, also used in a transferred sense of 'a gentlemanlike person').
Certainly the interruption ends with "which, as I take it, is a gentlemanlike offer" (2.
Col Cody she viewed as a 'splendid man, handsome and gentlemanlike in manner', while the Indian war dance to a wild drum was 'quite fearful'.
His subaltern, Ensign William Williams, was `a highly educated young Irishman of gentlemanlike manners and correct conduct, with sufficient wit to be agreeable without the least disposition to offend -- has seen a little service; was by his father when killed at Salamanca and received a commission at the age of twelve'.
This does not happen, however, because Edward Burden decides that it would be ungenerous to submit his gentlemanlike guardian to such an ungentlemanly act.
Even more outrageously for Victorian times, One Fault questions the virtue of female submissiveness: "Had Isabella been what is called a high-spirited violent woman, it is probable that her liberal, gentlemanlike, and honourable husband might have been cured, after a few years struggling, of those pampered vices of temper.
Mr Scott, a very mild Gentlemanlike man--but not much acquainted with Madeira--where he only went to my house in 1806.
Still he is very cheerful and gentlemanlike, and the handsomest man, I think, I ever saw.