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Gopinath's aim to be assessing this 'post-gentleman' from a broader and post-colonial angle to remove it from the purely insular and personal assessments that have been done before is ambitious and promises a unique and original contribution to existing scholarship on gentlemanliness.
His northern tour married the educational and cultural objectives of the classic 'Grand Tour'; concerns with industrialization, increasing poverty and advances in manufacturing and engineering; and changing expectations of gentlemanliness (encompassing high culture and outdoor pursuits).
We achieve character, personality, gentlemanliness in order to make our lives an art and bring our souls into relation with the whole scheme of things, which is the divine nature.
Robertson was wearing a three-piece suit and had an air of refinement and gentlemanliness that made me think of Robert E.
I suppose this constitutes gentlemanliness in 2011.
His principled, consistent, and breathtakingly courageous stance for freedom over the decades, his integrity, his courtesy and gentlemanliness, under even the rudest, most ignorant attacks, have converted legions from their faith in Leviathan.
In Making a Man, Gwen Hyman sets out to trace "the construction of gentlemanliness through aliment across the nineteenth century," arguing that appetites and the consumption of food, drink, and drugs "constitute a crucial means of casting light on the shifting, elusive identity of the gentleman" (3).
Like the Misfit, Jack knows the Bible well, is extremely polite, and has an air of gentlemanliness and seriousness.
The most striking difference between these two protagonists, especially in a comparison of Look Homeward, Angel and You Can't Go Home Again, is George's greater maturity, generosity, and gentlemanliness.
Gentlemanliness in our profession seems to be lost in large measure with the growth of our profession in this community and the demise or retirement of many who have been pillars of the community and who have taught the rest of us, hopefully, how to be civil and professional in our practices.
74) The English exponents of clerical gentlemanliness would have been pleased with such an encomium.
Moreover, the ethic of gentlemanliness and fair play which the participants in these early contests espoused mitigated against excessive emphasis on the competition.