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This really seemed the only gentlemanly refuge left; and yet, with the knowledge of my father's experience before me, I was ungrateful enough to feel a secret dislike for it.
Lawrence was gentlemanly and inoffensive to all, and polite to the vicar and the ladies, especially his hostess and her daughter, and Miss Wilson - misguided man; he had not the taste to prefer Eliza Millward.
If a gentlemanly residence coming strictly within this narrow margin had not been essential to the blood of the Barnacles, this particular branch would have had a pretty wide selection among, let us say, ten thousand houses, offering fifty times the accommodation for a third of the money.
Mr Barnacle made him a severe bow, as a wounded man of family, a wounded man of place, and a wounded man of a gentlemanly residence, all rolled into one; and he made Mr Barnacle a bow, and was shut out into Mews Street by the flabby footman.
He's a devilish pleasant gentlemanly dog,' said Mr.
Mind, I don't say that; I expressly say that he's a devilish gentlemanly fellow,' said Mr.
But the applause that followed was so great, and Tom looked so gentlemanly as well as tall and straight, that Mr.
Yet when it comes to sporting figures with a gentlemanly public persona who are prolific at turning the air blue in private, Hodgson comes second to the ex-England spin bowler John Emburey, who is credited with cricket's greatest foul-mouthed rant.
Rheon says, "It was a completely surreal moment for me working with them, but they treated me in such a gentlemanly way.
A gentlemanly conduct meeting was held in the Wrinkled Stocking, Holm-firth on Wednesday.
And in modern life, only the naive expect men involved in football at any level to be gentlemanly academics who live like Trappist monks.
A list of rules for the 21st-century gentleman by Country Life's Gentlemanly Commandments, published recently, contains advice on coloured trousers, pre-tied bow ties and an outright ban on tweeting.