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GENTLEMAN. In the English law, according to Sir Edward Coke, is one who bears a coat of armor. 2 Inst. 667. In the United States, this word is unknown to the law, but in many places it is applied, by courtesy, to all men. See Poth. Proc. Crim. sect. 1, App. Sec. 3.

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Thus questioned, gentlemen, I no longer hesitate," said Athos.
on the contrary, suspicions arise in me as well as in you; and I say, it is impossible, gentlemen, that the general, on the eve of a battle, should leave his army without saying anything to at least one of his officers.
Gentlemen, let the most profound silence cover all this with an impenetrable veil; we will detain this gentleman, not from mistrust of him with regard to the crime, but to assure more effectively the secret of the general's absence by keeping among ourselves; therefore, until fresh orders, the gentleman will remain at headquarters.
I happened to come home several hours before my usual time, when I found four gentlemen of the cloth at whist by my fire;--and my Hoyle, sir--my best Hoyle, which cost me a guinea, lying open on the table, with a quantity of porter spilt on one of the most material leaves of the whole book.
A flash of lightning startled the gentlemen when they went to the window to look out: the thunderstorm began.
He had been instructed to wake the gentlemen early; and he knocked at their door.
Well, gentlemen,' said the stout man, 'very glad to see you.
Gentlemen, I beg your pardon; this is my friend Mr.
The knives and forks were handed in, and the ladies and gentlemen inside, and Mr.
Trundle, and then the two gentlemen took wine, after which they took a glass of wine round, ladies and all.
HUMAN scarecrows, a transsexual cab driver named Babs and a "local shop for local people" introduced viewers to the dark comedy vision of The League Of Gentlemen.
Minimum order quantities uniform jacket, ladies and gentlemen, police bw: 550 pieces uniform trousers, ladies and gentlemen, police bw: 1 500 pieces cloth trousers, summer, ladies and gentlemen, police bw: 2 100 pieces uniform jacket, uniform trousers, cloth trousers summer, for ladies and gentlemen for the wasserschutzpolizei: small quantities uniform jacket, ladies and gentlemen, justice bw: 500 pieces uniform trousers, ladies and gentlemen, justice bw: 240 pieces cloth pants, summer, ladies and gentlemen, justice bw: 850 pieces.