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'But SST is a much softer, kinder, and gentler tax compared to the GST and it should be better than GST.'
An escape to a gentler world, it's as sweet and comforting as a hot chocolate with marshmallows and extra cream.
And in a reference to that phrase, Mr Blenkinsop replied to the offensive tweet: "A gentler kind of politics....You've been reported to the police.
In his acceptance speech, he called for a "kinder, gentler nation."
The C-20 DeDuster (photo) now offers molders an improved inlet design for better flow-rate control; a new flexible agitator paddle for gentler material handling; and a new combined cyclonic dust-collection module.
New gentler, more accurate air-water cooling system:
Thanks to the new smart display, the tablet automatically adjusts the images and text on the screen to the ambient light, making it gentler on users' eyes in all its model," Lenovo said.
The rover recently drove over a sand dune we called 'Dingo Gap.' This is in order to get to an area on the other side known as 'Moonlight Valley.' This area has much gentler terrain with fewer sharp rocks.
Exfoliators, which become more necessary as people age and the skin's ability to repair and shed itself slows, are getting gentler, too.
Jake Bugg Country Song ONE of the best new singer-songwriters on the block creates a gentler sound on his latest single.
Similarly, the Olympics and Paralympics this year produced for many an unforgettable summer of sport and camaraderie which they hope can help shape a kinder, gentler and more reflective society.
London, Apr 20 ( ANI ): Women tend to favour wimpier, gentler men when the economy is in trouble, a new study has revealed.