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Dutt's co-star in blockbuster Agneepath, Priyanka Chopra, dubbed him as the "nicest gentlest person" and tweeted: "My heart goes out to Sanju sir and his family.
As an open-hearted, even sentimental tale of a working-class woman making the most selfless of sacrifices to give her husband a child, it's tempting to call "Thy Womb" the gentlest film to date from hard-working Filipino provocateur Brillante Mendoza.
After all, it's a grotesque business, that maims and murders one of the animal kingdom's gentlest giants.
This might not seem like a great way to travel, but conservationists say it's the gentlest and quickest way to transport the huge animals.
The worst monsters can hide behind the gentlest of demeanor.
He was the gentlest of men but tough when he needed to be.
Putting aside his demons, Jeff is the nicest, kindest, gentlest soul," the BBC quoted his manager Phil Brock as telling a news agency this month.
This gentlest of gentlemen had been too afraid to open his own front door, and his downstairs windows had been boarded up.
Wells and Virginia Woolf, and Fleet Street camera whiz Terry Fincher, who clicked the first family of Indian politics, the Nehru-Gandhis, in the gentlest morning light.
The microphone's slender, elegant design picks up even the gentlest of speakers from 18" away in any direction for clear voice projection.
Yes, he may bark at the postman and strangers he may see in the street through the window, but he is the gentlest dog we have ever owned - our last dog was a foot high and very vicious poodle
A BRITISH soldier who died in southern Afghanistan was remembered as the "toughest of men and the gentlest of friends".