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And yes, the FA were absolutely wrong to genuflect to the demands of TV and play the game at 5.15 pm.
The twists grab you, and I would bow down and genuflect to the star of the show, Bryan Cranston.
I should pass it and genuflect but I don't, I kind of try to avoid it.
They'd be flocking to the Giants Causeway to genuflect and do selfies - great business for North Antrim, Ian.
Thatcher's legacy meant that her successors felt obliged to genuflect to Murdoch, as the Leveson inquiry has sadly discovered.
Archbishop Maurice de Sully of Paris had answered the question four centuries before when he instructed his priests to genuflect both after the words over the bread and again after the words over the cup.
"British roast beef is so far-famed that even the French who think that they invented not only cuisine, but food itself, genuflect" - Sir Terry Wogan.
IF YOU happen to be travelling by train to London on October 29, be prepared to genuflect.
But there were also two works by a composer to whom all the aforesaid should genuflect for his economy and allusiveness: the Symphony and Five Pieces by Anton Webern, a genius with so much to offer when his life was cut short by a trigger-happy American.
Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will, no doubt genuflect to KGB Putin and, like an oversized "Bubba" (Doll), Sharon will tell us that Putin is Our Friend in Israel - just as Sharon tell us now how he respects the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen).
I am not one to genuflect when Free Enterprise is mentioned, nor do I drop my voice in reverence when speaking of it, myself.