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An unfashionable town has now got something else to be famous forThe FA were wrong to genuflect to TV demands and play the game at 5.
THOSE of us who must genuflect weekly at the gas pump have become painfully aware that distant, seemingly unrelated events can almost instantaneously translate into higher pump prices.
Together they solve riddles and mysteries that have supposedly stood for millennia in the time it takes to genuflect - at least the book made them think about it for a few pages.
Contingents of soldiers, perhaps 15 to 20, were marched to the altar where an officer would have them kneel, pray, stand, genuflect and go on to the next church.
I am not one to genuflect when Free Enterprise is mentioned, nor do I drop my voice in reverence when speaking of it, myself.
Solomon invites us to marvel at the fact that the eggheads now think highly of Disney and Rockwell where once they thought poorly; to gape at professor Karal Ann Marling, who, we learn, is a fan of Oprah; to genuflect before the "authentic voice" of Dave Hickey, whose populist credentials are summed up by the breathlessly reported fact that he lives in Las Vegas.
They fumbled with their worship books, stood when they should have kneeled, didn't know what to do with holy water and forgot to genuflect.
He wears his resume on his sleeve, so that we may genuflect at his feet at the arrival of His Majesty, King Donald.
They'd be flocking to the Giants Causeway to genuflect and do selfies - great business for North Antrim, Ian.
That gent with the dark glasses permanently welded to his eyes before whom Presidents and PM's genuflect and practically wet their pants.
If you're still reading, tug your forelock and genuflect at this point.
A visitor from Venus would have thought that men gesture, genuflect and guard, while women pray silently under their mantillas with candles and rosaries in hand.