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One can see how this would readily evolve into three genuflections.
The same political class, incidentally, that, until a few weeks ago, had spent years indulging in sickening genuflection to the Murdoch press.
But before I made my final genuflection and exit, I looked up at that old high altar and experienced profound gratitude for what
This distinction explained "the almost universal hostility in Israel to the mere mention of an international court" and the resulting genuflection toward a Jewish audience.
bar] and al-Shams, are present, it is a mere genuflection to tradition with little critical or analytical engagement.
Expecting meek obedience And frequent genuflection, He glares at plate glass windows, Admiring his reflection.
Aime Cesaire describes "millions of men in whom have been skillfully inculcated fear, an inferiority complex, trembling, genuflection, despair, flunkey-ism" (qtd.
After our common pro forma genuflection before Balanchine (which being pro forma makes it no less sincere), it seems self-evident that a like-minded group of former dancers, administrators, foundation executives, and critics has stifled alternatives to Balanchine in the name of a sometimes pedantic, even hysterical fidelity to their own youthful memories.
According to Wesley Prudent,editor emeritus of The Washington, Obama "stopped just this side of the full grovel to the emperor of Japan, risking a painful genuflection if his forehead had hit the floor with a nasty bump, which it almost did.
More broadly, the trappings of legal pomp--the robe, the bench, the genuflection of the courtroom audience--impress upon the judges the seriousness of their role and "contribute[] to fostering adherence to the core principles of the rule of law.
Rather than being contrite as symbolized by Brandt's famous 1970 "Warsaw genuflection," Japan should follow Adenauer's example of acknowledging Germany's wartime aggression and atrocities and paying reparations.