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Still, with these, as [67] with all other genuine priests, it is the positive not the negative result that justifies the position.
Everything is picturesque and dramatic and everywhere there is chivalrous feeling and genuine human sympathy.
She was startled, and nearly screamed, but recovered herself at once, and kissed with genuine love the lips that were pressed against her own.
SERIAL NUMBERS: Genuine serial numbers have a distinctive style and are evenly spaced.
Workers' comp costs for auto parts manufacturer Genuine Parts were rising at a rate of 35 percent--that is, until company managers made a commitment to aggressive goals for reducing lost work days.
The history of that doctrine is littered with contradictory results, and the entire genuine contraction approach to partial liquidation treatment has been roundly criticized.
Pastiche-adulation has taken such a hold that local planners now denigrate genuine historic buildings as eyesores and advocate their replacement with woeful, ersatz versions as 'practical' alternatives.
In essence, the administrator has two fundamental or basic obligations toward his/her AA: 1) to teach him/her in a practical supportive fashion, employing reasoned criticism as necessary, all within a climate of genuine expectation vis-a-vis positive outcomes; and 2) to nurture signs of professional and personal growth on the part of the AA within an atmosphere of honesty, openness and trust.
If it were to take place in much higher volumes, it might undermine confidence in the genuine currency and might, in extreme circumstances, also threaten the nation's economic stability.
The officer must communicate genuine sorrow as well.
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