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Briefly, Robert Elsmere, a priest of the Anglican Church, marries a very religious woman; there is the perfection of "mutual love"; at length he has doubts about "historic Christianity"; he gives up his orders; carries his learning, his fine intellect, his goodness, nay, his saintliness, into a kind of Unitarianism; the wife becomes more intolerant than ever; there is a long and faithful effort on both sides, eventually successful, on the part of these mentally [66] divided people, to hold together; ending with the hero's death, the genuine piety and resignation of which is the crowning touch in the author's able, learned, and thoroughly sincere apology for Robert Elsmere's position.
Still, with these, as [67] with all other genuine priests, it is the positive not the negative result that justifies the position.
Everything is picturesque and dramatic and everywhere there is chivalrous feeling and genuine human sympathy.
She was startled, and nearly screamed, but recovered herself at once, and kissed with genuine love the lips that were pressed against her own.
'Buy Genuine Parts and Win', an awareness-building campaign, initiated by General Automotive Company (GAC) for Mitsubishi and Fuso vehicle owners, concluded effectively with a raffle draw that saw three winners taking home cash prizes of RO300, RO200 and RO100, respectively.
Under the management of Nasser Bin Khaled Service Centres, the three Bosch-certified car service centres provide first-class service, expert know-how, and genuine Bosch quality automotive spare parts.
The State Bank of Pakistan has already allowed banks to utilise the National Database and Registration Authority's Verisys system instead of biometric verification for customers facing genuine issues, including senior citizens with uneven texture/ unclear fingerprints.
Request for quotations : boots from genuine leather with high berets of black color
Are you one of those guys who feels the need to clarify that the annoying question you are asking is "genuine"?
Genuine MS is a new branding program and website launched last July by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce.
So, the question then begs, how can you differentiate between genuine honey and adulterated?
The race has 8 rounds, the first for the Arab genuine horses for 1200