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This means building more genuinely affordable homes to both rent and buy.
I am enjoying my time here, and I genuinely feel apart of Wrexham Football Club.
This time, though, United, genuinely have improved, although not to the extent they will claim the title.
He said: "I'd like to speak to Mitch and genuinely, genuinely plead for his forgiveness (for any) parts I've played in what has occurred, but I won't take responsibility for Amy passing away because it's not fair.
They're trying to do a good thing and still they're in the dog house Sharon Ward This is all great if it helps the genuinely needy (no problem with that at all) and not the ones who genuinely just can't be bothered.
If they'd had the decency to invite the immediate neighbours of a proposed housing development that's about the size of a small town, to their public consultation meeting I might have thought they genuinely wanted to consult.
Nobody would deny a helping hand to a genuinely needy person but I suspect for some of these people begging has become a default choice, which, frankly, must be tackled for the sake of safer streets.
But I meant what I said: we are genuinely looking at the alternatives and to see how we can build in extra resilience in the future.
However, if the two of you are genuinely in love, then he should do the decent thing and leave his wife before things develop further.
It uses certain ingredients that are unique and exclusive, has a superior taste, has one of the lowest calorie contents in the sector, is high in fibre and a source protein, is genuinely 'Free From' and is 'Energy Smart' accredited.
An unnamed UAE player was reported as saying: "I will not hesitate to stand by the needy and vulnerable if they are genuinely in need of financial assistance because our religion commands us to help.
However, the limited field of candidates meant that the election was not genuinely competitive," they said in a written statement.