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Consultants help to understand what design features are critical for genuineness identification, what are "nice to have" and what features may be even confusing.
They all have their different styles, but the one common ground among them all is absolute consistency and genuineness.
He advised people who transacted business in foreign currencies to always go to the banks or forex bureaux to check on the genuineness of such currencies.
One of the men accompanied the merchant to a nearby store to check the genuineness of the bars while his friend waited with the cash at the hotel along with two of the defendants.
RBI actually uses sophisticated Currency Verification & Processing (CVPS) machines for checking the numerical accuracy and genuineness of the currency notes, including SBNs.
The issue was buried when Rivera's personal shopper proved the shirt's genuineness on social media.
Dubliner Mary said: "He was very upset and he was very hurt and that's how you know the genuineness in him.
The Centre is probing cases of "some prominent people" evading taxes in the garb of agricultural income, but there is no proposal or move to tax farmers, finance minister Arun Jaitley said in Rajya Sabha last week JD(U)'s Sharad Yadav and BSP's Mayawati said the Central Board of Direct Taxes had asked its officials to verify the genuineness of agricultural income claims exceeding Rs 1 crore made by taxpayers in their income-tax (I-T) returns, as reported by TOI in its March 13 edition "There are many prominent people who have done this and the probe is on against them.
Saudi Al-Ardhah is considered an important chapter of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture, aiming to enhance the Arab genuineness and legacy values in the souls of new generations.
The Egyptian community in Kuwait is one of the largest in the country that enjoys every respect and appreciation, Al-Khurainij said, pointing out Cairo's supportive role to Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion in 1990, as well as its honorable participation in the Liberation of Kuwait war in 1991, which proved the Egyptian people's genuineness and bravery in backing just causes during times of crisis in the Arab region.
Shaikh Nasser said the event has become one of the main horse shows as it combines the beauty, genuineness and strength of the participating horses.
Department of Economic Development - Dubai official says raffles and promotional offers by trade stores are closely monitored to assure genuineness,