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Dubai -- Before flocking to malls and trade outlets offering grand prizes in raffles, you may want to analyse the genuineness of such promotional bonanzas.
But it was the genuineness from everybody - Colin Fennelly took a ball off our goal-line almost at one stage, and he was in the full-forward line then.
I think its worth trying the genuineness strategy or the 'roots approach' over the next years
OIC's Sec-Gen expressed appreciations for the invitation he received in earlier time to attend the conference, noting HM the King's humanitarian initiatives and promoting the dialogue among civilizations and cultures, which reflect Bahrain's genuineness and commitment to principles of tolerance, interaction and openness to the others.
To a question about the genuineness of polio vaccine, Saira Afzal said the vaccine being used in the campaign, was checked in laboratories and was beneficial for children of upto five years age.
The Commission held that the Assam Government has no explanation to offer to its various observations raising doubts about the genuineness of the encounter.
Individuals or private companies and firms don't come under the monitoring of anyone and their gathering of money or the genuineness of their purposes is never officially identified before it goes ahead.
This decision calls into the question the genuineness of David Cameron's promise to repatriate significant powers from the European Union.
I was at a very cold Musselburgh on Sunday and he was MC there and his boundless enthusiasm and genuineness brought a great deal of warmth and enjoyment to many who were there.
MAKKAH:Chairman of the United Zamzam Office Suleiman Abu Ghelya has dismissed rumors appearing on some social networking sites about the genuineness of Zamzam water distributed to Haj pilgrims.
His generosity, genuineness, kindness and love never withered.
We'll also impose stricter and clearer tests on the genuineness of a relationship, including the ability to speak the same language and to know each other's circumstances.