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Our conversations have been limited, but [Disney CEO] Bob Iger has indicated that he's really excited about National Geographic.
vectors, hosts, pathogens) may be unclear because of small sample sizes, biased reporting, or simply lack of detailed geographic or ecologic analysis.
Therefore, I decided to scan paper maps at 400 dpi optical resolution with 256 colors, since scanning a map to preserve map information for later Geographic Information Systems (GIS) use and scanning a map as artwork are two different things.
The reporting of a health outcome may vary between geographic regions and over time.
In addition to studying for the geographic bee this spring, James also qualified, along with the rest of his local team, for the National Science Olympiad, held in Ohio just days before the geographic bee.
The prehistoric predator stars tonight on NBC and National Geographic Channel.
Both standards require disclosure of information about an enterprise's industry and geographic segments as well as export sales and major customers.
Rather than considering alternative structures for certain geographic areas or special populations, it seems advisable to examine ways of modifying the current managed competition model to address the needs of all areas.
This product definition-the bundle of commercial bank services-and geographic market definition-local-is still used today in antitrust analysis in banking, although thrift institutions are now included in banking markets when they provide the same financial services as commercial banks.
Among these sets, only 2 were epidemiologically or host-linked, whereas many of the remaining 12 associated sets contain isolates from distant geographic locations (Figure 3).
In 1999, David Beihl of Saluda, South Carolina, became the first home schooler to win the National Geographic Bee.