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For the geographical constituency by-election, each nominee needs to be subscribed by not less than 100 registered electors of the constituency concerned and the number of subscribers on a nomination form must not exceed 200.
Over the last 60 years 11,500 team members have been directly supported through the Expeditions and Geographical Fieldwork Grants, along with countless in-country participants.
Perdikis reported this to the Foreign ministry, which in its turn asked the geographical names standardisation committee to investigate.
The Minister said that Geographical Indications are place names (in some countries also words associated with a place) used to identify the origin and quality, reputation or other characteristics of products.
Cisco values the efforts and contributions of its partners, and it is an honor to recognize Comstor Middle East as a Cisco Partner Summit Geographical Region award winner," said Milo Schacher, vice president, EMEAR Partner Organization at Cisco.
Greece registered part of its wine with the European Commission with the Macedonia geographical indication as early as 1989.
We have hosted this meeting to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of specialists in the committee," Al-Rabiah said, adding that the meeting would contribute to unifying specifications for digital geographical data and set out necessary policies and laws.
The experts said that efforts of the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center as well as its director Briegadier General Awni Khasawneh during the 6th Arab Conference of the Arabic Division of Experts on Geographical Names, were behind their decision.
The Walking With the Wounded men, who included two recovering soldiers from South Wales, stormed into the record books as they became the first team of unsupported war-wounded amputees to reach the Geographical North Pole.
It is necessary to get the obstacles (such as responsibilities, the cost, permissions of the parents) of the geographical trips under control for increasing the level of learning (Doganay, 1993:189; Girgin vd, 2003: 11).
Prof Butlin's aim is 'to identify and explain some of the main processes, geographical contexts and outcomes' of British and European imperialism in its heyday.
The European Parliament has expressed its support for maintaining the current system of geographical indications, in particular the protected designation of origin (PDO), for agricultural products entirely produced within a given geographical area, and the protected geographical indication (PGI), for products closely linked to a geographical area, where at least one stage of production takes place.

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