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Perdikis reported this to the Foreign ministry, which in its turn asked the geographical names standardisation committee to investigate.
The Worldwide Market for Prescription Antiacne and Rosacea Drugs Share by Geographical Region 2015
Dastgir said that Geographical Indication Law is the need of the hour and will enhance visibility of several Pakistani export items in the international market.
Greece registered part of its wine with the European Commission with the Macedonia geographical indication as early as 1989.
We have hosted this meeting to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of specialists in the committee," Al-Rabiah said, adding that the meeting would contribute to unifying specifications for digital geographical data and set out necessary policies and laws.
The experts said that efforts of the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center as well as its director Briegadier General Awni Khasawneh during the 6th Arab Conference of the Arabic Division of Experts on Geographical Names, were behind their decision.
The Walking With the Wounded men, who included two recovering soldiers from South Wales, stormed into the record books as they became the first team of unsupported war-wounded amputees to reach the Geographical North Pole.
It also announced that the demarcation of geographical constituencies in the rest of the Southern States would be announced soon.
The association's Bayerisches Bier ("Bavarian beer") has been granted geographical protection, but the ruling determined that these later rights could not be used to stop the Dutch brewers using the Bavaria name, which it has been doing since 1925 and with trademark protection since 1947.
In a recent decision, the European Court of Justice upheld the right of a Dutch brewery to make a beer called 'Bavaria', even though Bavarian beer has been given geographical protection.
Fuzzy surfaces in GIS and geographical analysis; theory, analytical methods, algorithms and applications.
Summary: The First International Conference on the Role of Geographical Information Systems in Promoting Sustainable Development in Africa started in Al-Jafara Shabia.

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