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Geographically dispersed cluster configurations should be implemented, especially around storage and data replication components of the solution.
1997) tested the instrument against a sample of a geographically diverse group of STD clinic patients, and was found to have satisfactory reliability and construct validity.
As for geographically based chambers of commerce, coalition members say they serve too limited an area to help the Valley's Latino business owners.
The combined company will be a new industry leader with large, long-lived, geographically diverse assets and significant proven and probable reserves of copper, gold and molybdenum.
Wasser says the map already has more than an 80 percent chance of being accurate to within 1,000 kilometers, and it will improve as the scientists collect and map more geographically identified samples.
The GSX 3000 NetStorage Control Node and YottaYotta's suite of Global Block Services localize access to geographically distributed data, enabling organizations to leverage their entire heterogeneous storage infrastructure across multiple sites.
The world needs a much better way to support email and collaboration for geographically remote offices," said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT Harvest.
As an agile high-speed exchange, the NX5010 enables geographically distributed computing and storage resources to operate as if they were co-located within the same LAN or data center.
Gaining US approval would support our strategy to geographically expand our immunoglobulin (IG) products.
6%) of respondents indicated that the majority of their development teams are dispersed geographically in separate areas.
org) was founded in 2002 by a group of NIRI members who were located in geographically distant locations that were not served by any of NIRI's 34 traditional geographically-based chapters.

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