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The Department of Geography at Loughborough University is a fantastic place to study and comprises a lively community of over 500 students and 50 academic, research and support staff.
MH: How have you seen the study of geography change since you started your teaching career?
We are honoured to receive the Quality Mark award from the Geography Association," said geography co-ordinators Lindsey Street and Dave Newman in a joint statement.
It has a brief but good explanation of the difference between medical geography and epidemiology.
In 2012 the first complete English translation of Kant's Physical Geography (PG)--which first appeared in German back in 1802 (Rink, 1802)--was finally published in the Natural Science volume of The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kant (Watkins, 2012a).
The first years of the twentieth century will mark the shaping of the Romania Geography School with the establishment of the first Romanian geography university departments, established in Bucharest (1900), Iasi (1904) and Cluj (1919) and the defining of the main directions of scientific research.
By raising awareness and bringing geography back into classrooms, we will give students a better understanding of the social, cultural, and political world, building vital skills for producing a strong, educated workforce in our global business environment.
Department of Labor declared that geotechnology--the combination of geography with an ever-expanding array of new high-tech jobs--represents one of the labor megatrends for the 21st century.
The new curriculum introduced in 2005 brought about enormous changes in content and design, time allocated for geography courses, teaching methods, and course materials based on a constructive approach.
Two Rivers Primary School, in Tamworth, is the first special school in the country to ever receive The Primary Geography Gold Quality Mark in recognition of "providing excellent and innovative geography" to its pupils.
At the University of Michigan Extension Center in Detroit, Emery was a lecturer in geography (1961-1962), teaching courses in world regional geography and economic geography.
CHILDREN and young people from our region have been taking part in a series of fun activities to find out why lessons in geography are so important.

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