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A similar series of experiments was made in which both sample mass and aspect ratio were examined with geometric mean pressure averaging, and then further analyzed by interpolating data using both measurement signals (height and force).
For the weights [lambda] and [mu], the weighted Arithmetic and Geometric Means are given by A = [[lambda].
In the present study increasing geometric mean feed particle size up to 9,900 [micro]m of TMR increased DMI in dairy cattle in early to mid-lactation, but the pattern of the relationship was quadratic, meaning that a geometric mean feed particle size of more than 9,900 in the ration will reduce DMI.
This trend was reversed at the 24-month sampling, when geometric mean arsenic concentrations decreased for all sampling locations.
A 1998 article in the Monthly Labor Review emphasizes, "the geometric mean formula will not be used to combine the basic indexes in the CPI, such as those for ice cream products and apples, into the overall index.
9 [micro]g/g dw) (Elkin and Bethke 1995) and moose from northwestern Minnesota (liver geometric means = 7.
When interpreting index numbers, it is important to note that splicing index numbers via the geometric mean method is a mathematically nonlinear and non-invertible transformation.
This estimate is considerably higher than that of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission's (MedPAC) (2000), primarily because commission staff did not take into consideration the lagged decline in the geometric mean LOS that narrowed the count of short-stay patients.
After a single immunization at the 3,000 microgram dose level, seven of eight subjects achieved antibody titers that are considered protective, with a geometric mean titer over 200 mIU/ml.
The new 700 MHz AlphaServer GS60E running Tru64 UNIX generated a geometric mean SPECjvm98 result of 75.
For example, the geometric mean of the cadmium UC for leafy vegetables is 0.

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