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The hundreds of millions of dead remained unburied and the germs multiplied themselves, and, toward the last, millions died daily of starvation.
Thus, not only have I the father's spirit in the son to contend against, the germs of his evil tendencies to search out and eradicate, and his corrupting intercourse and example in after-life to counteract, but already he counteracts my arduous labour for the child's advantage, destroys my influence over his tender mind, and robs me of his very love; I had no earthly hope but this, and he seems to take a diabolical delight in tearing it away.
It's germ warfare out there in the hospitals, the staff, patients and families constantly worry about 'community-acquired infections,' which are those that you get inside the hospital.
Restrooms have their risks, but they are not the worst germ centres at your workplace.
successfully create/design and then paint an "art germ.
Ziebart looks to curb the spread of germs by offering Germ Defender, an effective way to prevent bacteria and germs from collecting and spreading in the vehicle.
Testicular tissue includes Leydig cells, which produce androgenic hormones, and Sertoli cells, which form the structure of the seminiferous tubules and support the production and maturation of the germ cells that develop into sperm.
Overall they account for over 10% of all testicular cancers (15% of all testicular germ cell tumours which account for 90% of all testicular cancers).
Alongside vitamins E, B1, B6 and folate, wheat germ also offers dietary fibres, proteins and many minerals.
Both cases was diagnosed as Malignant mixed germ cell tumour of ovary with a histologic combination of immature teratoma; dysgerminoma and Yolk sac tumour.
Our society is likely more germ conscious than any other in history, which certainly has its advantages and benefits.
Vinblastine plus ifosfamide plus cisplatin as initial salvage therapy in recurrent germ cell tumor.