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The WOE based on ACNW was found to most effectively reduce the extraneous load and increase the germane load, consistent with the multimedia principle, the modality principle, and the spatial-contiguity principle.
How germane is the Net to your strategy, as far as serving clients?
In these settings, the Court said, fees can be used to subsidize speech if the speech is germane to the purposes of the organization.
Their relationship will develop in a responsible manner germane to both the character and the allegorical nature of the show.
These liability concepts are particularly germane to long term care providers moving into cyberspace.
If a campfire is germane to your setting, it can be the focal point of the rally.
AOL (UK) told ComputerWire that lawyers from both parties are currently in out-of-court discussions to resolves "issues not germane to the original allegation.
It is seen as germane only to the problems facing African-Americans--a `special interest' group .
On the negative side, the credits are much too long, lasting more than five minutes after the 27-minute presentation, and the hymn sung at both the opening and the closing is pleasant but extraneous, not at all germane to the topic.
The text is sensitively written and the photos of pots and potters are both germane and aesthetic.
That question is, it seems to me, particularly germane to people interested in natural resources-in the environment, agriculture, and forestry.
The issues discussed are alo germane to other kinds of computer software and the ownership of databases,particularly as presented by Linda Dobb in her piece on copyright and the new information technologies.