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However, those who either object to ever being a member or who were once members and then later resign must pay MNA an amount equal to the percentage of dues paid my members of MNA which are germane to collective bargaining process.
For much the same reason that an amended claim is required to be germane to the original claim, absent such a principle a taxpayer could amend any refund claim in perpetuity.
This is particularly germane given that so many male writers disclaim and even malign Richard Wright; by reclaiming Ellison, Wideman and Johnson disrupt this baleful trend of literary repudiation--the Bloomian anxiety of influence in sepia tones.
The event will feature tabletop exhibits by about 35 industry suppliers, plus educational forums with topics germane to label converters.
Her agent Peter Charlesworth said of the nudity: "It's germane to the play, it's not titillatory and gratuitous.
Similarly, the three chapters outlining Tommaso's creation and decoration of the Palazzo Spinelli, the remodeling of his villa at Rignalla and the construction and decoration he financed at Santa Croce meld archival and physical evidence with germane scholarship on contemporary works and trends.
It is germane that the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the Appraisal Institute reflects the status, size and prominence of the New York real estate market by being one of the most outstanding chapters in the national organization, as well as one of the largest with nearly 600 members.
The pieces are generally recent and germane, but it's strange for a business book to devote long stretches to words, and ideas, that are not the authors' own.
Also germane is a cartoon that once appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Our former focus on land, families, and communities is increasingly dominated by elements more germane to industry, management, and profit-taking.
How germane is the Net to your strategy, as far as serving clients?
In these settings, the Court said, fees can be used to subsidize speech if the speech is germane to the purposes of the organization.