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These radiations also deplete alkaline phosphatase which plays an important role in transport of material from sertoli cells to germinal cells and in the differentiation and proliferation of the germinal epithelium.
Judge Liwanag didn't conduct a full-blown trial of the murder case; he just read the documents presented by the lawyers of Germinal and the victim's parents.
Tissue specimens were evaluated for the presence of interstitial lymphoid aggregates and germinal centers.
Sections were examined for Johnson scoring, diameter of seminiferous tubules, thickness of germinal epithelium.
The testes have germinal epithelium composed of two compartments: interstitial, formed by the connective tissue, blood vessels and Leydig cells, a thin peritubular cover of myoid cells and collagenous fibers surrounding the tubules; and germinal, formed by the tubules comprising germ cells (spermatogonia, primary and secondary spermatocytes and spermatozoa) and somatic cells (Sertoli) lying on a basement membrane (Fig.
30mm (Figure-3a), whereas the mean thickness of germinal epithelium was 85.
La introduccion de genes en la linea germinal (ovulo y espermatozoide) podria permitir proteger de por vida contra infecciones, el Alzheimer, los efectos del envejecimiento y enfermedades psiquiatricas, entre otras.
Microscopically, multiple sections of the specimen studied showed derivatives of all the three germinal layers in the form of adipose tissue, cartilage, cystic areas lined by simple cuboidal to stratified squamous epithelium and dermal appendages.
Ultimately, several literary strategies in Germinal spin out of control and erode any of the author's ideological sympathy for anarchism's cri de coeur.
Germinal genera cuestionamientos sobre la mision institucional del Museo Tamayo.
From Back Page Celtic with little option - having paid just PS900,000 to land the Kenyan two years ago from Belgian side Germinal Beerschot.
Esa sensacion de anarquia en el lenguaje es la que uno experimenta en Germinal, la exposicion de Carlos Amorales (Mexico, 1970) que se exhibe en el Museo Tamayo, curada por Magnolia de la Garza.