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The high seed moisture content and continuous metabolism favor rapid germination, given that the seeds are released ready to germinate.
That is, seeds germinate equally well in light or darkness, and they germinate at high percentages under conditions of alternate temperatures with an amplitude of 5 or 10[degrees]C.
patinoi, and this behaviour is favored by seed physiological traits such as: (1) lack of primary dormancy; (2) ability to germinate over a range of light conditions; and (3) recalcitrant behavior, seeds with high moisture content, and continuous metabolism.
Seed of lilies that germinate below ground and are delayed should be placed in moist vermiculite in a plastic bag or jar in November.
Thus it is conceivable that the Lesquerella seeds that remain dormant throughout a particular germination period may differ ecologically and evolutionarily from the seeds that do germinate.
In this study, we compare the performance of Lesquerella seeds that readily germinate ("natural" seeds) with dormant seeds that require forcing to germinate ("induced" seeds).
This technique is highly effective in forcing viable but dormant Lesquerella seeds to germinate (Sharir and Gelmond, 1971; Evans and Cabin, 1995; Evans et al.
Our results demonstrate that Lesquerella plants derived from naturally germinating seeds differ from plants originating from seeds induced to germinate.
Salsola inermis germinates faster after the germination inhibitors are washed from the "wings" of the dispersal unit (Evenari et at.
The lowest (order I) germinates to the lowest level in light: 65-72% at 26-30 [degrees] C.
Solonaceae) germinates in light at constant temperatures of 25-30 [degrees] C but not at 10-20 [degrees] C.
Once a week, for 4 weeks, Juarez records the number of seeds that germinate.