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However, they said that in this case it doesn't germinate it just stays as spores packed in the body, in the gut, of the insect where it causes stress which activates a number of genes which trigger a whole range of responses leading to the death of the insect.
The seeds will germinate and poke up leaves in about five days.
In Table III we see that the caryopsis (c) which is situated in the terminal spikelet germinates the poorest and the lowest one in the dispersal unit ([a.
In desert conditions of unpredictable amounts and distribution of rain, a plant species of which only a small portion of the seed population germinates after one rainfall has a better chance of surviving.
Salsola inermis germinates faster after the germination inhibitors are washed from the "wings" of the dispersal unit (Evenari et at.
Other seeds have delicate structures that must be left intact for the seed to germinate.
Once Young gets a seed to germinate, ARS mathematician Debra E.
Once a week, for 4 weeks, Juarez records the number of seeds that germinate.
A Welwitschia seed that avoids mold germinates by sending a taproot down rapidly, drilling perhaps a meter in just a few weeks.
When he's tested samples in greenhouses, "they germinate fantastically," von Willert says.
If more than one seed germinates, allow the most robust seedling to develop and discard or individually pot the others.
They had been considered simply as storage proteins -- materials broken down for their components as the seed germinates into a plant.