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Pretreatment of germinating seedlings with stevioside decreased the effect of [Cu.
The case for an evolutionary trade-off would be more airtight if the researchers had tried germinating seeds rather than just counting those that looked viable, says James H.
She is mother of all, for contained in her are the seeds of all The earth of humankind contains all moistness, all verdancy, all germinating power.
These include germinating low numbers of embryos placed by hand in Petri plates and then transplanting to soil for use as rooted cutting hedges.
Liquid water may only account for 15 percent of water taken up by germinating seeds.
Tap water was used instead of distilled water because in the USA it typically contains at least 1 mM calcium (Ben Jarvis, personal communication) and micronutrients required by germinating seeds.
Table 1 Separate Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric tests for dependence of the probability of a seed germinating in a cell for (a) Sapium sebiferum and (b) Celtis laevigata in response to temperature treatments (continuous cold, temperature-cycle, continuous heat) and light treatments (continuous dark, light/dark cycle, continuous light).
The students at Morioka Agricultural High School in northeastern Japan have grown about 500 plants, native to the alpine regions of Europe and South America, by germinating seeds in test tubes.
Research indicates that one year's decaying leaves may inhibit other herbaceous species' seeds from germinating the next year.
Here the energy remains fundamentally impregnable, immaterial, while germinating aesthetic, perceptual, and concrete forms.
Seeds incubated in water, at 22[degrees]C, in the dark, began germinating two days later.
The border plants are really enjoying all this moisture and seem to growing by the day - but the weeds are also germinating and you will need to stop them before they start to nick nutrients from your prized specimens.