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In the present study nutrient priming has been evaluated in four maize varieties under controlled laboratory and pot experiments for vigour enhancement in terms of germination percentage, mean germination time (days), vigour index, root/shoot ratio and dry matter production.
Importantly, seed germination speed is slow and germination rate is only 20% every year (Niu et al.
KEYWORDS: Salinity, landraces, Maghreb, Vigna unguiculata, germination
The germination speed index was obtained by the sum of the number of seeds germinated every day, divided by the number of days elapsed from sowing to germination, according to Eq.
Carvalho and Nakagawa (2012) describe the seeds physiological vigor as the conjunction of storage potential, germination speed, resistance to adverse factors and emergence capacity.
Sorghum shoot powder (10 g kg-1 soil) caused highest allelopathic effects and reduced cotton seed germination by 12.