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At the end of the aspiration, a 10 x 5-cm germinative membrane was excised.
Accordingly, ecopedagogy looks to emergent subcultural valences and avant-garde representations to critically listen for novel generative themes that might be the germinative subjects of multitudinous dialogues--Haraway's (2008) "otherworldly conversations" (174)--on behalf of a new science of life.
Following germinative works by a small group of European historians and anthropologists, a series of influential books by Richard Cullen Rath, Leigh Eric Schmidt, Mark M.
Within the pericyst lies the external layer of the cyst itself (ectocyst) and the inner germinative membrane or the endocyst.
The germinative centers, where all cell division takes place, are composed of oogonia that run in strands longitudinally throughout the ovary.
The outer pericyst is fibrous and the inner layer consists of germinative tissue.
s argument implies that the presence of parthenocarpic figs is significant because 'both parthenocarpic hermaphroditic [caprifig] and female fig trees do not set germinative seeds, they are reproductive dead ends unless humans interfere by planting shoots of those parthenocarpic trees' (Kislev et al.
The ultrasound examination showed a 3 X 4 cm, cystic mass with a detached germinative membrane.
They are, in Benjamin's own words, "seeds of grain which have lain for centuries in the chambers of pyramids shut up air-tight and have retained their germinative power to this day" (1968b, 90).