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24,25,38) In contrast to BCC, FI may demonstrate evidence of follicular differentiation, including germinative buds and papillary mesenchymal bodies (Figure 2, C).
The species studied in our work presented spermatogonia throughout the length of the testis, which places them in the unrestricted spermatogonial type according to Grier (1981); a testicular organization that allows a potential germinative cell production (Schulz & Miura, 2002).
suggested [15], only cases exhibiting lymphoplasmacytic infiltration with germinative center formation, oxyphilic cell metaplasia (Hurthle), atrophy, and thyroid follicle fibrosis (also called "signs of chronic oxyphilic lymphocytic thyroiditis") were diagnosed as HT histopathologically, provided that the AMA or ATA status was positive.
In his paper Dr Vinaver said: "I have no intention to argue with advocates of the germinative theory, and, therefore, I am not going to criticize arguments and counter-arguments related to this theory, the infectiousness of sperm itself, the analogy with other infectious diseases, etc.
Anti germinative activity of three glucosinolate-derived products generated by myrosinate hydrolysis.
The dotted curves in Figure 2 mark the presence of a virtual, subversive, germinative layer of significance.
Histopathological examination revealed a lobulated tumour consisting of tumour cells showing sebaceous differentiation with palisaded germinative cell nests at the periphery fair amount of mitotic activity (maximum 7/10HPF) and cell nests containing central eosinophilic degenerated material and focally surrounded by lymphoid cells.
These vegetables are not only damaged externally, but also suffer qualitative and quantitative, nutritional, economic and even germinative losses [8].
Paula S and Pausas JG (2008) Burning seeds: germinative response to heat treatments in relation to resprouting ability.
1) The adherence of yeast to oral epithelial cells is influenced by yeast-related factors such as the expression of adhesion proteins, the presence of germinative tubes, and the production of extracellular polymers and enzymes.