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Finally she gets better, and I can touch her with my germy hands.
For example, South Africa will in the future be known as Sour Paprika, Russia as Rush Hour, France as For Aunts, Germany as Germy Knee and Australia as Horse Trailer.
Our workaholic culture encourages sick people to drag their clogged and germy carcasses into workplaces, where colleagues smile supportively and say, poor thing, coming to work as sick as you are.
At school, kids can avoid these and most other germs by good handwashing in the bathroom, before eating, and every once in a while just in case they touch some germy areas without knowing it.
I'm only guessing, but I'd say that some of my work was both a critique of information sickness and was germy.
Each vat contained about 20,000 liters of the soupy, nutrient-rich, germy liquid needed to mass-produce a variety of killers, and at its peak in the 1980s the plant was producing about 300 tons of anthrax spores every 220 days.
Albert Bordeos led San Beda with 15 points while Germy Mahinay had 11 points and 14 rebounds.
Bounty DuraTowel is clinically proven to leave surfaces 3X cleaner than a germy dish-cloth.
ra dist One eager eBay bidder forked out nearly [euro]4,900 to get their hands on her germy tissue.
Use a disposable or one with a spout that can be opened with your mouth instead of your germy hands.