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Also done research--propagation designs of kuhdasht wheat in Germy regions for introducing this method in farming [5],
When the scientists put ageliferin on some particularly tough bacteria in the laboratory and then added antibiotics, the germy organisms died.
Rather than having to replace a wet, germy brush in its holder after cleaning, the user simply ejects the disposable "brush" on the end and flushes it away.
Saran Disposable Cutting Sheets are a convenient way "to help contain the germy mess left behind when cutting chicken, meat, fish, vegetables, and much more," says manufacturer SC Johnson, which also makes Windex, Ziploc, Pledge, and Raid.
THE WORLD OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE," MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, NEW YORK A fascinating journey through the myriad germy worlds of microscopic psychedelia--a cold sore doesn't look so bad when you examine it very, very closely.
Malcolm Nicholl, President and CEO of ResVez, said, "Whether you are a frequent traveler, parent with germy young children, stressed-out professional or a health enthusiast, TravelTime bars make a healthy and delicious snack any time of day.
4] The feminine hygiene trash can, which only 12 percent of professionals believe to be germy,[1] has one of the highest concentrations of germs.
Paranoid Dad: Has a packet of anti-bacterial wipesonhandat all times for fear of his children being infected in this germy paradise.
These "snot" socks, if you will, were the early prototypes for Germy Wormy, one of this year's finalist for the Visionary Awards.
All of Monroe's scoring came in the first half, with a 30-yard fumble recovery by Germy Morrison for a touchdown and Lazily Alston's 5-yard touchdown run.
Another piece of plastic that had started out equally germy but then was dunked in acidic electrolyzed water carried only 100 cells.
It's a germy world, but no true explorer can resist getting their hands a little dirty," said Dawn Kidd, senior product manager for Purell at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.