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Most studies of germy money have looked at the germs on the currency within one country.
Packing for the germy: the role of histone H4 Ser1 phosphorylation in chromatin compaction and germ cell development.
The classroom health instruction kit from Back Enterprises called "Germy Wormy," which includes an instructional DVD and a spandex sleeve for students that has a cough and sneeze target at the elbow, is now described as "helping teachers fight back against H1NI." SchoolWires points out that its school Web site designs help "communities stay informed about the H1N1 virus." And emergency notification company AlertNow provides a guide on its Web site for schools using the system "to address swine flu inquiries."
It was a spectacular save from SAI goalkeeper Germy Passah who denied Mizoram a certain goal.
I also keep a fine list of short story titles on the iPod in my purse, ready for that blank moment in a waiting room full of germy copies of homemaker and sports magazines.
"There's no credible evidence that what's in Airborne can prevent colds or protect you from a germy environment," said CSPI senior nutritionist David Schardt, who reviewed Airborne's claims.
It was with great solemnity and singleness of purpose that I efficiently buried the indulgence cards next to the bird, which I tried not to touch because it looked disgusting and germy. I repacked the earth, replaced the cross, and went inside to wash my hands.
With the invention of the world's first electronic toilet paper (TP) dispenser, there's one less germy fixture to touch.
Middlesbrough Arts Development Team is producing a flash animation piece entitled Heart - a Nightclub's Tale - with characters including Germy Paxman, Sam 'n Ella, E-Z Ecoli and The Spice Germs.
Finally she gets better, and I can touch her with my germy hands.
For example, South Africa will in the future be known as Sour Paprika, Russia as Rush Hour, France as For Aunts, Germany as Germy Knee and Australia as Horse Trailer.