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GESTATION, med. jur. The time during which a female, who has conceived, carries the embryo or foetus in her uterus. By the common consent of mankind, the term of gestation is considered to be ten lunar months, or forty weeks, equal to nine calendar months and a week. This period has been adopted, because general observation, when it could be correctly made, has proved its correctness. Cyclop. of Pract. Med. vol. 4, p. 87, art. Succession of inheritance. But this may vary one, two, or three weeks. Co. Litt. 123 b, Harg. & Butler's, note 190*; Ryan's Med. Jurisp. 121; Coop. Med. Jur: 18; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 203-211; 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 478. See Pregnancy.

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One reads: "Ideas seem to gestate best in a void--when that void is filled it is more difficult to access them.
The book's details will take up permanent residence in one's imagination, from the fortitude of female elephants, who have the longest gestational period (22 months) and the largest birth weight (270 pounds); to the merciless determination of the parasitic wasp, who injects her eggs into as many as 30 young caterpillars, where her larvae feast and gestate until eating their way out of their unfortunate hosts' bodies; to the promiscuous nature of dolphins, who engage in sexual antics across the age and sex spectrum.
When I was old enough she taught me how to gestate one.
It is to cooperate with aircraft operating company Planar, a subsidiary of Angolan internal investment firm Sociedade de Gestate e Participacoes Financieras (GEFI), which has hangar space and offices at the Angolan capital's Luanda Airport.
Either we are free to control our bodies - how we live, love, gestate and die, or we are slaves of some evil force.
They gestate in popular culture and are born in everyday slang.
The idea began to seem less like a way to gestate new enterprises and more like an incentive for businesses just outside the zone to avoid some taxes by moving a few blocks down the street.
Helmer Christian Bauer, who had collaborated with Ross on a series of docus, started investigating his colleague's disappearance after watching the case gestate in the police's "missing persons" file for over four years.
Nature (from the Latin nasci, meaning "to be born") is more a womb in which we gestate than a divine creation to be subdued, more a home to be sustained than a resource to be exploited.