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MOTHER, domestic relations. A woman who has borne a child.
     2. It is generally the duty of a mother to support her child, when she is left a widow, until he becomes of age, or is able to maintain himself; 8 Watts, R. 366; and even after he becomes of age, if he be chargeable to the public, she may, perhaps, in all the states, be compelled, when she has sufficient means, to support him. But when the child has property sufficient for his support, she is not, even during his minority, obliged to maintain him. 1 Bro. C. C. 387; 2 Mass. R. 415; 4 Miss. R. 97.
     3. When the father dies without leaving a testamentary guardian, at common law, the mother is entitled to be the guardian of the person and estate of the infant, until he arrives at fourteen years, when he is able to choose a guardian. Litt. sect. 123; 3 Co. 38; Co. Litt. 84 b; 2 Atk. 14; Com Dig. B, D, E; 7 Ves. 348. See 10 Mass. 135, 140; 15 Mass. 272; 4 Binn. 487; 4 Stew. & Part. 123; 2 Mass. 415; Harper, R. 9; 1 Root, R. 487.
     4. In Pennsylvania, the orphans' court will, in such case, appoint a guardian until the infant shall attain his fourteenth year. During the joint lives of the parents, (q.v.) the father (q.v.) is alone responsible for the support of the children; and has the only control over them, except when in special cases the mother is allowed to have possession of them. 1 P. A. Browne's Rep. 143; 5 Binn. R. 520; 2 Serg. & Rawle 174. Vide 4 Binn. R. 492, 494.
     5. The mother of a bastard child, as natural guardian, has a right to the custody and control of such child, and is bound to maintain it. 2 Mass. 109; 12 Mass. 387, 433; 2 John. 375; 15 John. 208; 6 S. & R. 255; 1 Ashmead, 55.

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d=904605&n=HB187%20Enrolled (defining "intended parents" as "a man and a woman who are married to each other in accordance with Louisiana law who contribute their gametes and who enter into an enforceable gestational surrogacy contract, as defined in this Chapter, with a gestational mother pursuant to which they will be the legal parents of the child resulting from that assisted reproduction.
The verse (Mojadelhe: 2) is used to prove that the idea does not show the real mother is the gestational mother.
Finally, there is a residency requirement of 6 months for the gestational mother or the intended parents.
A]ny bonding on the part of Akeil to his gestational mother and her family was the direct result of the Fasanos' failure to take timely action upon being informed of the clinic's admitted error.
The gestational mother generally has her expenses paid and a stipend provided by the couple, although she may agree to do it as an act of love for a relative or friend.
In assisted reproduction, she supports release of information about semen and egg donors and gestational mothers, whether or not they are genetically related to the child.
As a result Doe is the genetic mother and Smith the gestational mother of the children.
Preserving the natural status of the gestational mother despite a contract that provides otherwise throws uncertainty over the whole process by allowing the surrogate mother to withdraw from the contract or protest.
When the gestational mother has previously contracted out her labor, either completely, as through a surrogacy agreement, or partially, as through a marital agreement, the contract should be honored.
Disclosure of the existence of the child's gestational mother may or may not occur at a later time.
She was the gestational mother and the genetic grandmother of the triplets.

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