get rid of

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You get rid of water by draining the fuel/water separator each week like it says in the TM.
If state legislators really want to get rid of the Electoral College, then the sensible, decent way to do that is to amend the U.
They should start their cuts at the executive end I also agree that voters should show their dissatisfaction and get rid of these empire-builders.
You get rid of managers when they take the team into relegation, not when they take you up to your best position in 40 years.
I telephoned her and she asked me to come round and get rid of him.
If we bring a change in our economic policies and formulate laws, we can get rid of hundred percent corruption in the country and all the illegal wealth stashed abroad can be brought back to the country," he added.
The argument is that if you get rid of school inspectors, the quality of education drops.
But we were surprised by how many wanted to get rid of them.
The coach has won a victory off the court, and now he has given an ultimatum to his team's teen-age basketball player with pink hair: Get rid of the pink hair or you don't play.
They don't want to make the guns more efficient, they want to get rid of them,'' said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, a gun owners group based in the Seattle area.