get rid of

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If we bring a change in our economic policies and formulate laws, we can get rid of hundred percent corruption in the country and all the illegal wealth stashed abroad can be brought back to the country," he added.
If you get rid of Dave Jones, you get rid of years of experience and one of the best managers in the Championship, with the experience needed for the Premiership.
I telephoned her and she asked me to come round and get rid of him.
You get rid of water by draining the fuel/water separator each week like it says in the TM.
Purely by intuition (rural Ireland is a very spiritual place), I found a remedy that not only helped to get rid of the loading of the insecticide but also of hot flashes as well ("Hot Flashes," Your Health, January/February 2006).
If you get rid of Mardi Gras, it's tantamount to getting rid of New Orleans," he said.
Dont get rid of McSheffrey, you'll be doing the wrong thing by getting rid of such a good player.
Miss Angela Steatham, aged 36, and her partner, Mr Rob Mugglestone, aged 33, have vowed to get rid of their cars after BMW decided to dispose of Rover.