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That shows the depth of Hodgson's squad for the get-together which was regarded as a debrief and a look back upon the Euro 2016 qualifying campaign.
Attended by around 25 young entrepreneurs, the get-together discussed challenges faced by entrepreneurs in their business, with some putting forward solutions to the challenges while exchanging experiences and knowledge about best business practices and success stories.
If you are deaf or hard of hearing and interested in a friendly social get-together, go along to Hear to Meet.
The idea behind the get-together is to increase participation, facilitate interaction and strengthen networking among the Alumni and to build brand IIT in the Middle East," IIT Delhi Alumni Association Global Executive Member Khawaja M Hasan, said.
For the first time in over 20 years, a season-ending awards ceremony was held as part of the get-together at the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club's (Adec) golf clubhouse with the sponsors of the Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Flat Racing Festival supporting the event.
BankMuscat recently organised a get-together for customers in the Dhahirah region at Ibri Fort, which was attended by 400
TRAWSFYNYDD Lake launched its breakthrough year as an international fishing venue with a get-together for five Welsh national teams.
Four Ashes WI is inviting people to go along to its next get-together on Tuesday July 10, for a talk by Joanne Bloger from the Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch.
This supposedly trivial little get-together included an emissary from Beijing, which is holding an ever-increasing share of the paper on the debt that Washington has run up to carry out its CFR-designed foreign policy.
At a get-together with 10 Islamic leaders in Cologne, he stressed their responsibility in the formation of the younger generation, particularly in how that would "turn back the wave of cruel fanaticism that endangers the lives of so many people and hinders progress to world peace.
Billy Lee has many hopes for this unusual get-together.