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The discussion of his journey toward hip-hop flame and wealth gets bogged down in explaining the much-publicized tiff he had with rapper Ja Rule and his view that everyone, from the media to the police, has a misguided view of 50.
While an entertaining enough satirical romp in the Tom Sharpe vein, Johnson's novel gets bogged down in unnecessary detail rather too often and, when push comes to shove, lacks the ruthless relish for chaos that makes the likes of Wilt, Riotous Assembly and Ancestral Vices such a joy to read.
The story is fraught with blackmail and political intrigue, but sometimes gets bogged down in the legal arguments, pro and con, about gun control.
Simply put, it is much too long, and the general reader gets bogged down in the discursive biographical sketches.
Unfortunately, he gets bogged down in an uninteresting analysis of military strategist Karl von Clausewitz and the impact of his ideas.
Though he sometimes gets bogged down in scientific minutiae, Critser cleanly skewers several root causes of obesity, including the American love affair with "supersizing"--a whopping 25 percent of our fast food purchases are now jumbo-size--and the shortsighted policies of Earl Butz, Nixon's secretary of agriculture, which infused our food supply with palm oil and high-fructose corn syrup.
Although he occasionally loses focus and gets bogged down in tedious details, Wilkinson's book hits its mark more often than not.
Pic is armed with a well-developed sense of its own silliness, but it gets bogged down in unnecessary exposition and a dearth of originality.
A doctor, played by Lynsey Baxter, pictured above, is accused of murdering a patient with an overdose of morphine, but the whole episode gets bogged down in legal nitpicking.
At Columbia, whenever our offense gets bogged down and begins to struggle, we can always turn to our quick passing game to get back on track.
Unfortunately, Kanfer gets bogged down in psychological explanations.