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Paul Jewell accused his boys of being afraid of scoring after the defeat at Southampton, which is about as nonsensical as it gets even from a football manager.
A reminder that, as competition gets even tougher, the winners will be those who offer consumers the care and quality of life they want at a price they can afford.
Courting a donor gets even harder when you factor in the uncertainties that face every new artistic endeavor: the possibility of failure, the relatively short life of most dance works (most of which disappear in a few years from company reps), and the danger that donors new to dance may neither fully understand nor deeply appreciate the finished product; the issue of individual taste often creates complications.
And when you mix in our teenage children, it gets even more complicated.
GREAT EXPECTATIONS has long been acknowledged as one of Dickens' best, but it gets even better under the smooth voice of narrator Martin Jarvis, an actor who was named Reader of the Year in the UK and who lends his passionate voice to this brilliant unabridged recording.
Sally gets even more carried away with the thoughts of Rosie's fame, to the annoyance of Sophie.
A difficult situation gets even more complicated when the writer has to research an article on male prostitution.
Part II gets even more meta, spinning into feminist musings and tirades, anecdotal accounts of New York bohemia, an essay in art criticism, etc.
Every year, the number and caliber of attendees, speakers and sponsors gets even better.
The unrequited romance between Pam (Jenna Fisher) and Jim (John Krasinski) takes a dramatic turn, one which gets even messier next week.
If you could see this coming, I expect you could predict that tomorrow Kevin gets even more worried - but Alison brings The Girls back safe and sound.
This session looks at current and future opportunities as local search gets even closer to prospective customers.