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When he gets going it is brilliant viewing for the whole ground.
Yet, once he gets going, he can really provide the necessary fireworks at the death.
Bernadette Pons, who last won the third-leg crown with Far Eastern University teammate Samantha Dawson two years ago, teams up with another schoolmate Charm Simborio, when the tournament supported by Petron, Mikasa Balls and the DLS-HSI, gets going at 8 a.
I know we have a good hardworking bunch and they need to think about what they have to do in training and in the two remaining friendlies to be in the team when the season gets going.
The ultimate guide as the high-octane action gets going, pages 99-104
We also want to see if we can create a new tradition that Liverpool's new year gets going on the second weekend in January.
The fun run gets going at 10am at the Abbey Stadium on March 16, and sports stars and celebrities will be taking part.
The camp gets going today, with skill sessions from 8-11:30 a.
Jack Ingram, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift are also on the bill, which gets going at 5 p.
All in all, DD is nothing but a good time, but when he gets going, step aside.
Other rocking features include standard antilock brakes, a butt-vibrating MP3-enabled CD audio system, smart air bags, optional GPS, and humongous brakes and tires that can stop this car almost as fast as it gets going.
We have lots more in the works: Our editorial preview coverage gets going in force next month, with a cover story on advances in blow molding to look for at the show, as well as a sneak peek at some of the other news headlines.