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The title's hint of the marine is reinforced by a long open slot in the work's top that turns it into a boat, which gets off the ground by the row of cables that suspend it from the ceiling.
Whittle needed political leverage to lobby Channel One through skeptical legislatures and school boards; he'll need it even more if Edison gets off the ground.
Normal unemployment benefit guidelines are waived so that participants continue to receive a stipend equal to their unemployment compensation for up to 24 weeks while their business gets off the ground.
We've some way to go before the joint venture gets off the ground but the foundation has been established.
Even with more than a month before action gets off the ground on March 1, Luisita players sampled both tree-lined courses two weeks ago to familiarize themselves in playing the relatively short but extremely tight layouts.
The Reds midfielder is desperate to win the Premier League with his hometown club but another disappointing season has only increased speculation he may look for a new challenge as he Midweek reports suggested Inter were preparing a bid of pounds 28m plus striker Mario Balotelli but it remains to be seen if that ever gets off the ground.
This is, of course, a long-term project which will require much thought and planning before it gets off the ground.
McCoy (right) rides three for Brendan Powell in Scotland as jump racing finally gets off the ground again, but it's 5lb claimer Campbell from East Lothian who could be the star of the show with my nap LIE FORRIT in the 1.
If the BBA gets off the ground, it would mean the city having two professional basketball teams - and Athletics also want to play at the Aston Event Centre.