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For instance, if a GPS-fitted vehicle going to douse fire gets stuck in jam, we can immediately track the exact location of the nearest GPS-fitted fire tender and ask it to rush towards the spot taking another route.
Boris Johnson has dismissed claims he could become the next prime minister, joking: "How could anybody elect a prat who gets stuck in a zip wire?
The traffic goes smoothly from Islamabad but it gets stuck after crossing the flyover as the road gets narrow.
This is true that only a man knows when he gets stuck into a difficult situation.
EVERYONE seems to be blaming sat-nav systems whenever a lorry or car gets stuck in a narrow lane or farm track.
He repeatedly loses ground, the dung keeps rolling back; it gets stuck on a stick, which refuses it further passage.
Because people are used to the ball rolling along a dry soccer field, when the ball gets stuck in the mud, they run right past it," says Miller.
There is a bus service which normally gets stuck in the traffic.
However, when his car gets stuck, he stumbles on an isolated hut containing a drugs lab.
The Winged Monkeys are controlled by a magical hat; the Scarecrow gets stuck in the middle of a river and is rescued by a talking stork; and instead of lions and tigers and bears there are Kalidahs, monstrous beasts with the bodies of bears and the heads of tigers.