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It builds beautifully from the resolution of the last book (which was intended to be a stand-alone) without getting bogged down in flashbacks or retelling.
I want to avoid your debates getting bogged down in interminable discussion about these indicators, which are distracting us from the essentials," Sarkozy said in a speech.
When developers can utilize an intuitive visual aid to abstract device-specific APIs and hardware details, it is possible to quickly design entire applications without getting bogged down in low-level technical complexities.
WorldOs Worst Airports Airports might be our gateways to travel, adventure and a little extra sunshine, but some of them, especially the bigger hubs, have been getting bogged down by the increased traffic and convoluted patchwork of add-on terminals that are supposed to be handling the growth.
They should be more ready to both apologise, resolve complaints informally and put right what went wrong instead of getting bogged down in bureaucracy, he said.
That was his first run since getting bogged down at Sandown in December, after a handicap debut success at Cheltenham.
The new planning proposals are designed to stop nuclear proposals getting bogged down for years in legal wrangles.
Concerned about getting bogged down by "Buy American" waiver requests associated with sewer and drinking water projects funded with stimulus money, the EPA has published a new national waiver policy concerning "incidental components.
He failed to say how the Americans would weaken India or China by getting bogged down in Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, Apter falls into the trap of getting bogged down with the parallels between the pair, plus David Browne managed it so much better in his 2001 book Dream Brother.
Signature Bank will afford me and my team the agility to meet our clients' needs quickly and easily while offering them the necessary tools they require to successfully operate their businesses without getting bogged down in the big bank maze of roadblocks.
This greatly reduces the chances of getting bogged down during the critical period of applying water to crops.