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All of the real skateshops in Indiana have been getting shut down ever since the Zumiez opened up.
The state government is unable to plan the distribution of electricity in the state because many factories are getting shut due to the lack of electricity.
Size restrictions have often backfired, as executives expand to avoid getting shut down.
Luke Morris had something of a nightmare in this race, getting shut off and having to switch several times in the closing stages.
The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters say their members are getting shut out of US recovery spending because of Buy American provisions.
Johnson reveals, AoMy parents were dealing with evictions and repossessions and electricity getting shut off, and I just realized I had to get it together.
Staring at the prospect of getting shut out for the fifth time this month, the Dodgers rallied for two runs in the eighth inning and two more in the ninth to tie the score.
After Valtteri Filppula put the top-seeded Red Wings ahead 4-0, Brenden Morrow scored with a minute left in the second period to prevent the fifth-seeded Stars from getting shut out.
After being in danger of getting shut down, the current principal, Melissa H.
Ireland have found to their cost against the likes of Georgia that when they are trying to get the ball out wide to the likes of Brian O'Driscoll he is just getting shut out.
And despite getting shut out of this year's nominations for its chart-topping follow-up album, "The Open Door," band leader Amy Lee was on the short list of rock stars on hand to announce the 2006 nominations in Los Angeles last week.
The Ravens, Patriots and Bears winning were all expensive and three teams getting shut out was bad news as we refund all money line bets on teams who fail to score.