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Moreover, the ongoing projects of the company are also getting shut owing to the financial constraints.
After getting shut out by Aloha in its opener, Thurston is averaging 27 points per game in its past three games.
This means a complete reversal of plans or the financial situation of a petrol station leading to some getting shut down and going back to the company," Koursaris said.
As much as the club have invested a lot of money in the striker who cost a record pounds 35m fee 18 months ago, if Brendan Rodgers doesn't fancy the player then you're best getting shut now.
The biggest private modern art galleries are getting shut down in Russia.
For example, with the Chinese government so anxious to promote a "harmonious society", being "harmonised" is code for getting shut down or arrested.
He said: "You see doors getting shut in your face over January, so finally getting over the line was great.
One of Bridges' competitors was George Clooney, whose "Up in the Air" was an early favorite that ended up getting shut out.
The state government is unable to plan the distribution of electricity in the state because many factories are getting shut due to the lack of electricity.
Size restrictions have often backfired, as executives expand to avoid getting shut down.
hgl also had concerns: "The markets' department is top heavy with staff, I would like to see some savings made by getting shut of a few of them.
Luke Morris had something of a nightmare in this race, getting shut off and having to switch several times in the closing stages.