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The former Dundee United and Scotland star insists staying in the team and getting stuck into Arsenal today is top of his agenda.
But I love the team environment and getting stuck into racing with a few boys that are just as excited about getting the job done as you are.
Jacob Sam (above), aged nine of Earlsdon with two of his puppets and (right) Amy COLOURFUL CREATIONS: Emily Harrison (right), aged three, of Stoke, Coventry, starts to make her doll and (below) Yasmin Bhayat, aged 12, of Cheylesmore, with her colourful doll STICKY SITUATION: Daniel Harrison (above), aged six, of Stoke, Coventry, gets stuck into making his model and (below right) Jasper Tetlow, aged seven, of Earlsdon, with part of his doll MATERIAL GIRLS: Annabelle Tetlow (above), aged four, of Green Lane, making her dolls and (right) Morgan Tiley (left), aged 10, and Millie Fairies, aged nine, of Holbrooks, getting stuck into the activity

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