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As pediatricians, we have such an opportunity to help the parents initiate these important conversations by modeling and getting the ball rolling during the well-child visit.
Let's discuss the benefits of keeping the ball closer to the ground and getting the ball rolling earlier in the shot.
THE government has approved draft legislation regulating the cremation of human remains, finally getting the ball rolling on an issue that has been pending for more than a decade.
United were 2-0 up inside the opening 10 minutes against PSNI with Gregg Harrison getting the ball rolling when he beat Graeme Philson to slip home the opener.
Harris is credited with getting the ball rolling on the project after encouraging the hospital to include children's artwork in its new expansion.
I applaud First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" child obesity program for getting the ball rolling again.
Warwickshire chiefs wasted no time in getting the ball rolling after planning permission was granted in December.
I'm so grateful for them getting the ball rolling, it has changed our lives," he said.
Henry wasted little time in getting the ball rolling for the Lions, curling home a 25-yard free kick with just over three minutes on the clock.
Overall, the tool is simple and shows that credit unions are getting the ball rolling in the right direction.
In the letter to DeParle, the coalition praises the White House for getting the ball rolling earlier this year with its much-publicized forum on health care reform.
Pike has shown strong leadership in other, less visible ways by getting the ball rolling on important changes, most of which come in the form of documents that make many peoples' eyes glaze over.