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The 60-year-old Brazilian's huge pay-off is compensation for getting the boot just seven months into his three-year 18.
SACKED Strictly Come Dancing star Hayley Holt has told of her shock after getting the boot by email.
Since getting the boot, the radio presenter has now written a book, Demons And Cocktails, and become a keen amateur cook.
WOMEN risk getting the boot from their blokes this summer - because of the state of their FEET.
Five housemates have yet to join the Big Brotherhood, which exempts them from getting the boot this week.
JANE CANNING'S Getting the Boot poetry collection appears in book and DVD form, aided by her co-producers Lee Evans, founder of Outlet writers' group and Rev Mark Coleman of St Christopher's Church' available from Mike Butler Productions, 1 Coningsby Rd, Anfield, Liverpool, L4 ORS.
Ms Canning's film, Getting The Boot, premiered at St Christopher's church hall in Lorenzo Drive, Norris Green, last night.
SOLE SURVIVORS: Who's getting the boot in Hollywood?
The winning player might quickly go from wearing football boots to getting the boot.
While corporations that brought in "de-hirers" ultimately saved money when severed employees found new jobs more quickly, they waded in difficult waters "when the chief executive himself is getting the boot.
The audience figures may have halved in a decade, but there are still plenty of people itching to find out who's getting the boot this eviction night.
COUNTDOWN star Carol Vorderman thought she'd had a stroke when she woke up paralysed after getting the boot.