getting together

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The classmates have held big reunions to mark their 70th, 75th and 80th birthdays and always have a fantastic time getting together and gossiping about their schooldays.
What started as a few friends getting together in a Chelsea apartment, where Danial Shapiro and Joanie Smith would dance to the music of Smith's sister, Soozie Tyrell, and Tyrell's best friend, Patti Scialfa, has come full circle 20 years later.
Just when we were reading that Hamas and the PLO seemed to be getting together to recognize Israel's right to exist, hopes were dashed by the capture of Israeli soldiers on the Gaza and Lebanon borders.
We haven't really talked about getting together for ourselves.
And there are some people who do something about it--we all know about the Fed making adjustments to the money supply and the 68 getting together to jaw bone and Bono getting on stage to call for debt relief and .
IRISH builders are getting together in a bid to win contracts worth millions as Britain gets ready for the 2012 Olympic Games.
And they become obsessive knitters, getting together to do their projects.
I love that you're getting together with Todd to talk about it on the DVD.
For the next 20 years, Secter made more films, including a bohemian comedy called Getting Together and the soft-core Blow Dry.
Members of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's North Warwickshire Area Group will be getting together at the Hatters Space Community Centre, Upper Abbey Street, Nuneaton, on Tuesday, January 18, at 7.
When a member at the annual brunch suggested getting together regularly to read and discuss books, Little--an avid reader since childhood--purchased Circles of Sisterhood: A Book Discussion Group Guide for Women of Color (Writers & Readers Publishing, 1996), a book group primer by Pat Neblett, to determine what was involved in starting a book club.