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Why exactly is Bangs's polishing act so disturbing, ghastlier than scenes of actual soldiers shot through by Mausers and Remingtons?
Jellyby's study is "not only very untidy but very dirty" (26); a woman in the poverty-stricken cottage is doing the wash "in very dirty water" (75); the Jellybys' house--put up for rent--is "dirtier and gloomier and ghastlier than ever" (233); Mr.
Hundreds of elderly Palestinians and infants were killed whose decapitated, blown out and crushed bodies looked ghastlier than those YouTube videos of the 3 westerners.
It is slow and difficult but better than any military might which would only result in an even ghastlier backlash.
Thus Charles Kent, a witness to Dickens's first private reading, wrote, "A ghastlier atrocity than that murder could hardly be imagined.
And others had been subject to even ghastlier mutilations.
Product placement meets performance theatre in the latest show looking to cash in on nostalgia for the ghastlier aspects of 80s culture--Pot Noodle: The Musical has been wowing the critics up at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Although it pains me to give credit in this case, I suppose we can thank the television home makeover movement for at least alerting people to the ghastlier fashions in domestic decoration.