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In one of the ghastliest scenes in the book, Schumann holds a shotgun to his head and dares his wife to pull the trigger.
The rape, which is the ghastliest of the crimes, does not attract capital punishment in India.
Even in her private reveries about her parents' happy beginnings, it appears, Frannie cannot fully inure herself to life's ugliness, its violence, its ghastliest colors (red blood seeping into white ice).
It's the last in the series, so expect plenty of highlights from this first run, more imaginary awards including Dullest Pastime, Ghastliest Holiday Destination and Smuggest Nation of People, and plenty more input from mum Diana and musical sidekick David.
35pm) Matt (right) is joined by Richard Madeley, Sue Perkins and Mark Wootton to dish out awards such as Ghastliest Holiday Destination.
That which we dare invoke to bless; Our dearest faith; our ghastliest doubt; He, They, One, All; within, without; The Power in darkness whom we guess,-- I found Him not in world or sun, Or eagle's wing.
And it was precisely this which tended to sublimate an incident otherwise of the ghastliest horror into a homily of burning eloquence, the recollection of which among those who once saw it revealed through the lips, the eyes, the whole aspect of Charles Dickens will not easily be obliterated.
The war against Vietnam is only the ghastliest manifestation of
The frustration is unbearable, and at Shifa Hospital 90% of the patients are civilians, many with the ghastliest of wounds.
Even in the ghastliest wars and civil conflicts, mothers often make the first peacemaking moves.
Here's a great tip to clean out the ghastliest of microwaves - take a microwaveable glass container and put one cup of water and one cup of vinegar inside.
The idea, one of the Cubic men told me, was to subject the troops to war's ghastliest scenarios here in the Louisiana woods so that they'd be fully braced for the horrors of combat in Iraq.