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Likewise, while Michael Davidson's Ghostlier Demarcations: Modern Poetry and the Material Word is concerned with the material meanings of poems by Gertrude Stein and Susan Howe, his self-declared interest is in "the meanings given to materialization in various types of textual practice" (5) and not in the "relationships between technology and literature" (4); it is precisely the nature of the relationship between technology and literature (a relationship that I also believe firmly cannot be separated out from the meaning of the materialization that results from the relationship between technology/literature), whether it is the technology of the page, the computer, or the screen, with which this essay is concerned.
THIS elegant 19th century hand-made swan glimmers with an unearthly glow that becomes ghostlier still when viewed under ultra-violet light.
Willamette Repertory Theatre is tweaking its ghostlier version of "A Christmas Carol," which it also produced last year in an effort to cash in on the success that Actors Cabaret of Eugene has enjoyed with the Broadway musical version of the show.