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Harvest Tales and Midnight Revels: Stories for the Waning of the Year,'' culls a dozen of the ghostliest and goofiest stories from a decade of parties in Van Nuys and Eagle Rock.
Descriptions of Australian aborigines chasing after clouds, hoping to be under them when it rained; the ghostliest whisper of an affair I'd had with Marilyn Schaefer (the Maria of The Beautiful Room Is Empty) and with Sigrid von Hoyningen-Huene (she was the one who introduced me to the Italian turn-of-the-century cafe song misquoted in the last chapter)--these are all elements in the book, as was the Harlem use of the emphatic "back
In this light-grabbing monster Alpha is an overpowering gold fireball, almost dazzlingly bright and bordered on its edge by the ghostliest speck.