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A recent resident reported repeatedly noticing the strong smell of coffee coming from the kitchen and seeing apparitions of a ghostlike woman who only had one leg disappearing down a hallway.
During one of Pauline's ghost hunts at Shibden Hall in Halifax, retired forklift truck driver Richard Muir captured an oddly ghostlike image.
"There's this hollowness yet this ghostlike pain still there which is fascinating from a scientific perspective but horrific from a parental perspective," said Hendrik Poinar, an evolutionary geneticist at McMaster University in Ontario and an author of the recent paper.
She is never seen, and exists in a strange, ghostlike obscurity that allows her to observe everything, but take part in nothing.
Last year, researchers discovered a "ghostlike" octopus living close to these nodules which they called Casper.
The Burj A1 Arab Jumeirah also appears in ghostlike form in two drawings from Xie's earlier series, "Chicago Beach Hotel," 2014-15, which trace the building's history back through time.
Anti-Semitism exists because people are naturally afraid of ghosts: The Jews in exile are a "ghostlike apparition of a living corpse," and so the widespread "fear of the Jewish ghost" is a natural consequence of their statelessness, explained Leon Pinsker, who made this disturbing argument in his 1882 pamphlet Auto-Emancipation.
Last summer, I had Barn Owls nesting across the road from me in Garden City flying ghostlike at night showing bright white in the dark and calling like banshees.
A TRANSLUCENT, "ghostlike" octopod discovered deep in the ocean near Hawaii is almost certainly a new species, say scientists.
An underwater research craft has spotted a "ghostlike"octopusthat appears to belong to a previously unknown species at a depth of more than two miles (3 km) on the floor of the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii, U.S.
"The situation is so bad for some that they even have ghostlike appearances.