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Though his Ruritanian wardrobe and creepy videos bespeak a blend of bad taste and ghoulishness, and his singing is humdrum, Jackson's dancing is incontestably expert, to which Fred Astaire himself testified.
Rossetti's infamous extraction of his manuscript poems from the coffin of Elizabeth Siddal, but as the ghoulishness of the incident suggests, the connection between the decaying corpse and the redeemed corpus was complicated by anxieties related to taboos about disturbing the dead, anxieties felt especially strongly while memories of the depradations of body stealing by "resurrection men" were still fresh.
Rather than involving ghoulishness or the desecration of graves, fin-de-siecle accounts of necrophilia tend to euphemize attachment to a corpse as an expression of pathological mourning.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg, making headlines because of its sheer ghoulishness.
While Mervyn's is incorporating the season's scary characters into its home assortment, Marshall Field's, the chain's sister division, has opted to cut the ghoulishness out of the mix with a "Happy Halloween" statement this year, said Markley.
It's an unhelpful juxtaposition, to put it mildly; it cancels whatever transgressive irony or bitter reflection on the bombers' "craft skill" and the media's ghoulishness O'Dell may have intended.
However, dig a little deeper and you discover that ghoulishness might come naturally to her, after all.
By interpreting the behavior of the scaffold crowd and reading the plebeian texts of broadsides and ballads, Gatrell seeks to demonstrate that Londoners neither passively accepted the lessons that public hanging were intended to impart, nor attended hangings simply out of a spirit of ghoulishness.
Its blend of Scottish ghoulishness and brisk sermonizing is presented in Shakespearean rhythms with a certain natural cheerfulness.
Perhaps, indeed, it is that fact that makes the study of such events less a matter of ghoulishness, and more a matter of traditional American culture -- even education.
She moves here from bearing witness to being a witness, a change of position that gives the book a powerful immediacy, but also a tinge of voyeuristic ghoulishness.
10) A bit of ghoulishness worthy of Webster enters the story here.